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I really cant decide on what kind of artist I want to be

Posted by Saprelish - August 3rd, 2021

I don't think theres a middle road for being both safe and suggestive themed; that's not how it works online sometimes. You're either an artist who likes drawing wamen and getting suggestive or you're the funny SFW dude that everyone loves and when you try drawing something considered NSFW they'll applaude you for a brief moment or will be shocked.

But as a suggestive/NSFW artist; it's a meh kind of deal and people will go nuts over anything with "Big Bazongas" and when you try to present something not booba related and something that could work for young adults or people in their 20s..its meh.

"Well you can try both. Make both an SFW and NSFW as different accounts"

Oh yeah that worked out perfectly when I Exodus from another account I was on that was dedicated to porn. I left the account because my art sucked and nobody was following me because it was me, they followed me over 200 of them because of a picture of an oc I have that was drawn as porn.

I dont want to fucking restart from scratch and wait another four fucking months to reach 100 again, ain't no god damn way and god knows that I tried to convince my old followers from my previous to follow my current and even linked it but nobody budged.

I want people to come to me for ME. Not because a big named artist gave me quick moment of fame and after a few followers. None of them try to like any posts I've done. My first account was a failure and I resented that success because it was the cheap way of getting "up".

They wouldnt like how I draw things, they would like my OCs or stuff ONLY because somebody else did it with more pizzazz!

It's like they fucking "fixed" it. Fuck that dude.

I used to go by a saying "I draw whatever the hell I want" but obviously that's not an option if I want some form of respect. Be it slight degenerate or clean cut.

I don't know anymore..



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Go with whatever gives you more satisfaction mate.
Go with whatever challenges your skill to become better.
Pay no regard to what others want or expect from your work.
If you are honest to yourself and the things you try to express, recognition will come from the right people, the kind that really appreciate what you do.